Looking for a Pilates Instructor to accompany students on their movement journey of self-discovery.

Pilates Trainer Wanted

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my role as a movement teacher. More specifically, how my training affects your life. I believe I know why you really come to see me.

You’re looking for change that you can’t achieve on your own

I liken myself to a natural born scientist with an insatiable curiosity for human movement. I love to observe the way interrelated parts of the body synergise and work together to create a given outcome. The iterations of human movement when learning a new movement strategy are staggering.
I’ve asked myself often about these numerous possibilities and variations and have realised that several paths or solutions can actually lead to the same outcome. To put this in a movement context – whilst the goal of an exercise will always remain the same, the path or journey towards that goal may be several. And this is exactly the kind of path you hope to take under my guidance. Even if you don’t yet know that.

Whilst the goal of an exercise remains the same – the paths to that goal may be several..

But I’m not a “Body Fixer”

As much as my analytical mind may interpret problems and provide practical answers, I recognise that it’s incorrect to consider my work as a “body-fixer”. In fact, it’s folly to even think that I can “fix” anyone. A more accurate description and one that I embrace is “facilitator” – someone who acts as a conduit for body healing and health.

A journey of self-discovery needs support

My role as a trainer is rarely to perform miraculous feats of transformation. It’s about inviting you to take a journey with yourself. A journey of self-discovery where you experience your physicality fully. It’s a time to give yourself space to experience yourself in movement and take note of how it feels. Movement is elemental to being human. Getting back to fundamental movement in our lives, which so lacks in our modern lifestyles, is absolutely worth restoring.
So, let me ask you this:

• Do you know what relationship you have with yourself?
• Or if you even have an experience of a relationship with yourself?
• Are you a friend, a commentator, a critic, or a foe to yourself?

I’m asking you this because it’s relevant. If you don’t know what I mean let me ask you like this: do you need permission to ask yourself how things really are with you?   I’ll be the first to admit that it’s uncomfortable to think about these things. But somebody has to ask and so I’ll ask you. Once you have an idea of this relationship with yourself, you can then start working on something meaningful.

You’re more likely to give yourself the chance with me

You may feel compromised in your body with injuries, pain and restrictions whatsoever. However, I am here to guide and encourage you to give yourself a chance.

It’s my job to help you figure out how to do things in a way that’s not painful and that will make you stronger and a better mover. Please understand that I am not fixing you – only you can fix yourself. I am just here as a support to accompany you on your path, on your journey.

Yes, I have a certain lens from which I perceive movement capabilities but we’re sure as hell going to do this together. I’ll make sure that you don’t hurt yourself and that you’re not in pain.

My work is not about fixing the issue once it’s been identified it. It’s more about digging a little deeper into your thoughts, feelings and your environment etc. And helping you to realise that you alone can have some level of empowerment over your next step.

Making the uncomfortable comfortable

More than anything I wish to help you find the joy of fun and play with movement.

Because I know that for many of you training is an inconvenient, tedious and often uncomfortable task. That all the same has a HUGE long-term benefit. Just like brushing your teeth.

If you want to maintain the health of your teeth and oral cavity, you’ll consistently brush your teeth. Getting any reward for your movement input is exactly the same. You’ve got to show up and be consistent. No matter how much it sucks at the time.

I’ll be here for as long as you need me

If you keep showing up, I’ll do the same. I am here for you and genuinely want the best for you physically and mentally. I will meet you where you are today. My task is to build trust, to promote better habits and joy, so that your body can experience positive changes.

Everyone deserves access to the life-changing benefits of a movement practice like Pilates. This goes beyond the physical effort and sweat – it gives you access to growth and human connection.

I hope it reminds you to smile more often and embrace the feeling of being energized and uplifted. Moving with me helps us to connect with one another and therefore with the world.  It also gives us choice and ownership of our lives and makes us realise the importance of being present.

Regardless of the benefits or where one is on their movement journey, what’s common amongst these experiences is that Pilates contributes to our holistic well-being and transforms both the body and mind.

A regular movement practice changes lives. Yours included.